In my practice I do care about small insignificant marginal things.

I am working with trivial, miserable, banal and mundane issues.
I prefer to deal with everyday objects and materials, items that almost lost their functional use, that are ageing and ‘lost in time’. I look for the projections of the past into the present, searching for abandoned and deprived places or areas in transition. I am interested in ambiguous images, which catch something at the intersection of culture and nature, interior and exterior, living and dead, animal and human, personal and historical.

I employ different media, and my choice largely depends on a particular project. But I feel most comfortable with artistic means of photography and video, often putting images, texts, drawings and video narratives in certain combinations and sequences to suggest a new and distinct perception. I try to reveal the presence of history in personal issues or a ‘poetical’ truth behind ordinary things and events.